What Does Collegiate Housing Services Really Offer?

When it comes to student housing, many different thoughts and ideas begin to swirl in our minds. If you’re a parent, you may wonder how your student will be able to get everything they need, find roommates and live in close proximity to their campus. If you’re a student, you’re probably wondering how you are going to afford the expenses that living away from home brings. And if you’re a college campus, you may question whether or not Collegiate Housing Services can set this up in a way that everyone will benefit from an off-campus living experience. Here you will find some of those budding questions answered in reference to the student housing services we offer and how they will benefit you, no matter what position you are in.

Does Collegiate Housing Services own a housing complex near the campus that I will attend?

While we do place you in an apartment that is near your campus, we do not own these complex’s. We partner with trusted, affordable communities near your campus that are willing to set aside apartments for our student residents in order to ensure availability, affordability and a student-friendly lease.

Do I need to have a perfect credit score in order to apply?

No. Our student housing has been set up with you in mind. We understand that this is the first time most of our student residents have ever lived on their own. It isn’t realistic to expect a credit score of perfection or even a few months of rent in advance in order to provide you with student housing. We meet you where you are. Give us a call today or send us an email with any questions you may have with the application process.

When it comes to most apartments, understandably, you have to bring your own furniture. What does that process look like with Collegiate Housing Services?

We pride ourselves in the details. That is why we have taken the liberty of furnishing each apartment, so that our residents do not have to arrive to an empty space. Things like beds, couch, and chairs are in place when our student residents arrive.

What about roommates, do I have to find them or does Collegiate Housing Services help me? And what if one of them leaves during the school year? Will I be stuck with a higher payment?

Here at Collegiate Housing Services, when you apply for our Shared Housing Program, we ask several questions to learn about the applicant and to find out what kind of roommates would be best suited to live in that apartment. If you find that you were paired with someone and the living situation isn’t working out, we can work together to move you to another place inside of our housing program. On top of that, should anyone leave during the year, you are completely covered by our individual lease protection. Our individual lease keeps you financially protected from roommate move-outs or nonpayment, so your housing payment will stay the same, for the length of your initial lease.

This all sounds great but how much extra will all of this cost, and what about utilities?

Your housing payment includes everything we spoke about above; including utilities. It’s all one package deal so you don’t have to worry about leaving one of our services behind because we bring all of this in one affordable price. Not to mention, we have staff available just for our residents, should you have any questions or issues arise. We also have what we call “Resident Life” events. This is where we’ve made time, space and activities available for our student residents to connect and have some fun!

We certainly hope we’ve answered many of your questions in today’s blog article for Collegiate Housing Services! We would like to hear from you. Please leave us a comment or reach out to us.