May Housing Tip

Do I Really Need To Separate My Laundry

Color matters because dyes can bleed, with red and blue fabric causing the most trouble, according to Mary Zeitler, a consumer scientist at Whirlpool Corporation’s Institute of Home Science. “However, after a few washes, dyes become less likely to release and transfer to other clothing,” she explains.

It’s not just when you wash, but how you wash your clothes also matters to unwanted color crossover. Dyed pants (e.g., jeans) will stay blue (or black) longer when they’re washed inside-out; their outer-dyed surface won’t rub against as many other clothes. And, using cool water in the wash can help cut down on bleeding for all colors.


March Housing Tip

Cut Down On March Madness With Your Neighbors

Yep, it’s that time again…March Madness! We love the Cinderella match ups and competitions just like the next guy. But your neighbors may not share our same enthusiasm. Keep these things in mind during the games to prevent “March Neighbor Madness.”

  1. There are people living on all sides of you. They most likely can hear your cheers!

  2. Jumping, stomping or doing somersaults off your couch can be felt by your neighbors.

  3. After your team wins or loses, remember when you go outside to be considerate of others. Some neighbors my be trying to sleep.


February Housing Tip

Save Your Money. Protect Your Carpet!

Here is something most people take for granted when living in an apartment…Carpets! Carpets are the most expensive items in your apartment. Take your shoes off when you enter, and make sure not to track dirt/mud/oil into your apartment. Think about getting some sort of runner or mat to put at your apartment entry. If you can designate a certain area for dirty shoes, clean up will be minimal

January Housing Tip

How Not To Go Over Your Utility Cap

At CHS, we give you a monthly utility cap for electricity spending. Yes, it may sound lame for us to charge you and your roommates if you go over that cap, but here are some things that you can do to help save on your energy costs.

  • Don’t keep your thermostat set on 85 degrees in the winter and 45 degrees in the summer.
  • Seriously, having your apartment double as a sauna or meat locker jacks your electric bill sky high.

Keeping an eye on this not only will help you save some moola, but will help make you a more responsible roommate.