Where do I get furniture?

Remember the time you first moved out from living with your parents, and you felt like the weight of the world had lifted from your shoulders, only to realize you never really thought about details such as: “How and where do I get furniture?” Yeah. We’ve been there! 

We understand that things like furniture, utilities, rent, food, etc. can add up pretty quickly. That list of necessities could make or break your choice of where you should, and even could, live… Not to mention, if moving out is actually even a realistic option anymore. And then you realize that sleeping on the floor, or on a friend’s couch, isn’t a plan for success. 

When putting together our housing program, we did so with you in mind. We thought about the different scenarios and situations that each person may, or will, find themselves in and we created something that not only works, but is doable for you! That is why, when you choose to become a student resident with CHS, your apartment isn’t completely empty when you arrive. At Collegiate Housing Services, we provide a bed, dresser, night table and lamp for you in your bedroom. Also, a couch, dining table and chairs for your living space, and a fridge and other appliances for your kitchen. We also typically have an onsite laundry facility at the apartment complexes, so that you don’t have to travel outside of your living quarters to get laundry done. It’s the best setup for your school season! What more could you ask for?

Let us know how we can help you get started with our housing program today!