Is it Rent or is it a Housing Fee?

Over the years, many have asked questions about our student housing “rent.” “Why is it that price?” What does this include?” Today, we wanted to break this down and give you an inside scoop into what it is we offer, and why we call it a housing fee instead of rent.

A typical rent payment for an apartment, house, loft, etc. covers just that: basic rent for the space! At Collegiate Housing Services, the monthly housing fee covers much more than just a place to live. The payment covers your housingneeds above and beyond what you would find at your typical place of residence.

Collegiate Housing Services’ housing fee includes:

  1. Rent – This covers the space you reside in.
  2. Utilities – In a typical housing setup, utilities are handled separately. You usually need to call and set up—pay a deposit and wait for someone to come out and turn on. Not with us! With Collegiate Housing Services, this is included in your monthly housing fee. (Note that if students decide to leave lights, television etc. on 24/7 they could be responsible for excessive overages)
  3. Furniture – We provide a fully furnished living space so that you can come right in and make yourself at home. This prevents you from the “movers process” of buying, renting, loading and unloading furniture. Our goal is to create a space for students to feel at home, while they are away from home, so that our residents can study and focus on their classes.
  4. Resident Life Events – What is Resident Life? We know the importance of community and connection. Our student housing program creates a way for our residents to connect with other students in similar fields. We know that building friendships can help students when school gets downright tough. Our events range from bowling nights, go cart racing, sporting events, games, prizes and food!
  5. Financial Protection – The CHS housing program includes an individual student lease.  So you don’t have to worry about your roommate paying their share of the expenses!  And, if there is a vacancy in your apartment, your expenses will not increase!  
  6. CHS Staff – As a parent, the anxiety  of your child moving away for school is a transition in and of itself. To face this as a student is almost always challenging. We don’t expect you to tackle this alone. Please know that we have onsite staff at your campus and RA’s at many apartment communities to assist you with any questions, issues or concerns you may have. Our staff has been trained to take care of needs and problems that may arise and to encourage you along the way.

All of the features listed above are included in your housing fee. At Collegiate Housing Services, we want to see our student residents thrive and not have to worry about these logistical issues.  Is the CHS housing fee more than basic apartment rent?  Yes, but look at all that is included in our fee! 

For more information about our housing programs, speak to one of our housing team or click here to learn more.