How to Start Reading if you Hate Reading

  1. Readers or Listener
  • It’s very easy to figure this out
  • If when you listen to an audiobook you can remember and understand things better then you are a listener
  • If when you read a book you can understand everything then you are a reader

But this also Not that important sometimes:

  • Whether you’re are reading or listing, at some point you will lose focus, you will not walk away always capturing everything
  • And if you’re are not good at reading, if you keep reading and you’re are a-listers eventually you will get better at reading, just like I did
  • But I always recommend you start with what comes easier to you, to then work on the hard things.

An ideal day for me is 1 hour of the audiobook at the gym and 2-4 hours of reading at home. ( audiobooks are hard to read when you doing nothing because it’s so easy to get distracted )

Tip: don’t overthink it, and try both.

  1. what books to read ( what you like and what benefits you ) – not everything that’s good for you will like though
  • so I would do a mix ratio of 50-50 when first starting because eventually, you will start to like what benefits you more
  • it’s like when you start eating good, and then you feel great and you try some McDonalds and your body has a meltdown.
  • So when I first started I would try to read books I liked but always read a book that benefited me

Step by Step:

  • Figure out what you like and interested in learning about
  • My first books self-help books to change the way the way I think and my reactions to situations
  • Then I focused on action books, that provide knowledge that you can go and easily apply it.

Tip: it’s okay to read drama, science fiction and so, but that’s the equivalent of watching a movie. So consider it entertainment.

  1. how many hours ( creating a schedule )
  • this depends on the type of person you are and what you do with your day

Absolute beginners:

  • you’ll need to set three things up: where you will read, what time you will read and what date you will read
  • so if I say I’m going to read 10 pages in the morning at around 7am, at my house before I go to work, you will eventually build that habit
  • and eventually, you will want to read more than 10 pages

Extreme like I was:

  • get audiobooks and normal books, and spend transportation time reading them, working time hearing them, and every block that you would usually waste on those books
  • and not every book is equal but you have to be willing to read the books you disagree with, to get a full understand of the problems
  • but some books are trash, and you instantly know, this is not something I want to read.
  1. how much to spend ( money wise )
  • you can actually overspend on books for sure
  • if you’ve read 10 books, but haven’t tried anything or applied anything and just doing research and research
  • you need to stop and start applying

For example:

  • a lot of people read about stocks, but never even start investing
  • when I started learning about stocks and grab some cash and tried out what I learned
  • now obviously I didn’t take all the money I had, I tried it out with a small amount that I could afford to lose
  • and today with 100 you can literally by fractional shares of any company.
  1. funny stories
  • the way I see books, is like having the ability to live someone entire life, without having to do all the mistakes
  • I’ve read so many books, that I have the knowledge of men and women that centuries older than me, because some of them do obviously not hear any more
  • And it’s also like adding files to your brain, so when a situation happens, you know what to do.