DIY Garage Shelves

Wood and Cuts:

(25)- 8′ long 2″X4″ (Might need more or less depending on length and height of garage. My garage is less than 16′ so I had to cut the horizontal framing by 6″ on one side and the 29 internal boards were cut @ 27″)

(5)- 8′ long 1″X3″ (I split mine with the table saw so if you don’t want to do that perhaps get 10-1″X2″ instead) (used for pegboard framing) (cut to desired size of pegboards)

(2)-4’X8′ pegboard sheets (cut to desired height and length – mine is 36″X84″ and 39″X29″ for the side pieces on the dividers

(5)(total) – 23/32″ 4’X8′ plywood sheets (3/4″ or 1/2″ should also be okay pending your application)
all 5 cut @ 30″ (2 were cut in half for my 4 – 4′ shelf sections and then trimmed on the left side to fit my garage length)

2 of the leftover 18″ sheets to be cut at 12″ (To pair with the 18″ sheets to complete 30″ deep shelves on top)