Beginner Dumbbell Strength Workout

Happy Workout Wednesday! Whether you’re new to using weights in the gym or a seasoned vet looking to get back to basics, this beginner dumbbell strength workout is a great one to try!

Your Workout:

You’ll need 1 or 2 pairs of dumbbells. 1 set heavy and 1 set light, OR just 1 set medium.

10-12 weighted curtsy lunges
10-12 bent-over rows
10-12 dumbbell deadlifts
10-12 bent-over reverse flyes
10-12 (per leg) weighted split squats

For each movement: Aim to get through all 10-12 reps with no breaks. In other words, get through all reps of one movement before resting and moving on to the next movement.

Complete 3 total rounds. Rest as needed between rounds.