5 Simple Ways To Become A Better Listener

Five Ways to Improve Your Listening Skills
Maintain eye contact
It shows others that you are paying attention.
Match their eye contact to not be creepy.
Some people love eye contact. Others prefer to look away from time to time. Depends on the other party
Another way to show that you are listening is to lean in with your ear
Take Notes
This will reinforce your memory. It’s advisable to ask permission first in some situations.
This is good for when you meet someone more successful than you.
Ask: Do you mind if I take notes?
Shows respect and makes them feel valued.
Allow people to finish their own sentences
No matter how enthusiastically you want to jump into the conversation.
Doing so will indicate respect for what the person is saying.
Let them finish their sentence and then ask. Would you like my feedback?
Is what you have to say more important to the person speaking?
Respond so the other person knows you’re listening.
Your response maybe “Yes” or “I see” or merely nodding your head. Any of these will do.
I see where you are coming from
That is profound
I wish I could do what you do
Ask core questions.
That is typically a series of “why” questions that go deeper into a particular subject to gain the greatest understanding of a situation. Start with broad information and continue seeking more specific responses.
Ask core questions – So you don’t get a yes or no answer
Why is that important? How can I help?
What’s preventing you from moving forward?
Asking them profound questions. Questions shift belief/change lives.
These may seem simple but complexity is the enemy of execution. If you think these sound like common sense, first ask yourself “How many people do you know that do all this? How would it transform your life if you did?” If you do it, you will stand out. People will like you but they won’t know why. It’s subconscious.

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