CHS Plan Ahead Program

The CHS Plan Ahead Program lets you and your family set aside money for housing expenses from the time you are accepted into our housing program, to the day you move in. You can even allow family members to add funds to your account anytime after your move-in.

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Credit Cards and their Convenience Fees

CHS accepts Visa and MasterCard through a third-party payment processor called PayLease. Please remember that PayLease charges a convenience fee on all credit or debit card transactions.  None of these fees go to CHS!

The Flex Rent App allows residents to establish their own individual payment terms…

Flex Rent

The Flex Rent App allows residents to establish their own individual payment terms within the month that your CHS housing fee is owed and still be credited for housing payment to CHS as if it had been paid on the 1st.  This program may be a good resource for VA benefit residents or those that want to make incremental housing payments in accordance with their paycheck schedule.  Residents avoid CHS late fees and potential progress toward eviction since timely housing payments are made to CHS via the Flex Rent App.  An individualized housing fee schedule is established between the resident and Flex Rent.  CHS receives no compensation for this service but offers it as a convenient payment option for our residents. 

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Rent Advance

Rent Advance is a loan service* offered to CHS residents with a 1-2 minute approval answer and 2-3 day funding made directly to CHS for housing-related expenses.  This service is available regardless of COVID-19 impact qualification.  Rent Advance allows CHS residents’ alternative funds to cover delayed rent payments, early lease cancellation fees, etc.  While Rent Advance charges interest on the loan amount, there are no up-front fees for the application and the program allows CHS residents to avoid late rent charges, collection fees, negative credit rate reporting, and other costs associated with unfunded lease breakage expenses.  CHS receives no compensation for this service but offers it as an alternative funding source for our residents.

If you are interested in Rent Advance, please click on the link below to review and apply for their program.  Please have your CHS Resident ID handy when you apply since this allows your housing account to be credited accurately.

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*The bank installment loan advertised is originated by FinWise Bank, a Utah-chartered bank located in Murray, Utah, Member FDIC.

Payment Plans

With documentation of resident and guarantor (if applicable) being financially affected by COVID-19, CHS may accept payment plans for student housing payments on a case by case basis.  This is not a waiver of your monthly housing fee but may allow the fee to be paid in smaller increments during the month.  If a payment plan is arranged, late fees may be charged depending on state guidelines.  The Flex Rent option mentioned here is CHS’ standard payment option for residents needing more flexible payment terms and avoiding late fees without proper COVID-19 documentation.

If you have documentation of being financially affected by COVID-19 to the point that you cannot make timely housing payment to CHS, please email and we will consider your request for a payment plan and provide you with our COVID-19 Hardship Application. 

CHS understands that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been frustrating.  We are glad to see a return of in-class training. We urge you to continue monitoring our webpage for CDC updates on the virus as well as CHS tips for minimizing its impact on your apartment.