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I have been in the Collegiate Housing Services program for five months. Without the program, I wouldn’t have been able to pursue my (schooling) career in Phoenix, Arizona.
Vanessa B.
CHS Student Resident
Phoenix, Ariz.
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Collegiate Housing Services is a full-service student housing company dedicated to the coordination of all aspects of a college's housing needs – from on-campus housing construction and management, to management and housing coordination of off-campus overflow.

We work with private colleges, universities and national technical schools to design and customize housing programs so they may more easily focus on their core business – educating students.

Our Services

On-Campus Management

Collegiate Housing Services (CHS) manages student housing programs for more than 65 post secondary campuses in over 20 states across the nation. We work closely with each school to customize and coordinate their student housing systems.

We are capable of providing the complete management of, or assistance with, all on-campus housing activities, including apartment or dormitory style facilities management and student programming for American and international students.

Off-Campus Management

We have formed partnerships with some of the largest national property management companies, as well as many regional and local companies in the markets we currently service.

Through this network of properties, we manage the overflow of student housing into apartment communities close to campus. We provide a proactively managed, turn-key environment for American and international students including roommate matching and individual student leases.

Our Partners
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I can't wait to start working with your company again. Collegiate Housing is by far the best corporate housing company I have ever worked with (and trust me there have been many in my 15 years). ,,
Casey O'Conner
Community Manager
Chaparral Creek Apartments,
Dallas, TX
I want to thank Collegiate Housing Services staff members for all of their efforts. (The employees) have all gone out of their way to take care of our students and their families with housing needs. They have all taken interest in the well being of the people they encounter at our school. Again, thank you for your efforts and we look forward to working with you in the future. ,,
Jim Sparks
Admissions Department
CHS Partner School
As school director, I want to acknowledge the excellent work that Collegiate Housing Services has done and is doing for our students. The attempts made to exclusively design a plan to meet particular students’ needs or requests is most impressive. Most all students are satisfied with the physical location, housing arrangements and roommate assignments. Service and service representation is second to none.

The fact that CHS put our students – and their needs – FIRST has made all of our jobs easier. Obtaining an affiliation with Collegiate Housing Services is one of the better decisions we have made in the past several years.
Bruce Shields
School Director
CHS Partner School
Please allow this to serve as a letter of reference for Collegiate Housing Services from Consolidated Management, Inc. Collegiate Housing has rented anywhere from five to ten suites with our company over the past year at two of our communities. Rent is always received by the 10th of the month and any issues that may arise with the students are addressed immediately.

We look forward to a long relationship with your organization for many years.
Sandra M. Olczak
Regional Property Manager
CHS Partner Property