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2. Information About Your Guarantor
(Completion of this section is required. If you are 21 years of age or older and would like to be considered based on your own credit and job history, please choose the Self Guarantor option from the drop down list. All guarantors must be a U.S. citizen/resident or a housing deposit will apply.)
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The guarantor is required to sign the lease and will be responsible for anyoutstanding charges (including rent) if the student is unable to pay.
3. Information About Your School And Housing Preferences
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College Program Length (Months):Lease Term Desired:PRICE CATEGORY PREFERENCE: Please prioritize the price categories and bedroom options that you prefer.
** It is important to refer to the Pricing and Area Map web pages specific to your school for a current listing of the options available. Not all price categories and bedroom combinations are available in every market.

  Budget/Basic/Moderate/PremiumShared Bedroom/Private Bedroom
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Additional Housing Comments or Requests: (Medical,...) We will do our best to provide a hassle free housing experience. However, CHS cannot guarantee that every preference request can be met. Placement is based upon the timing of your housing deposit and the availability of your preferences at the time of move-in. We are an Equal Housing Provider.
APPLICATION FEE: Each student is responsible for submitting the application fee with his or her application. The application fee is nonrefundable!
HOUSING DEPOSIT: Please send your deposit with the application and the application fee. Payment of the housing deposit locks in the current rate for your originally scheduled move-in date. Additional deposits may be required in some cases; ask your CHS representative for details.
AUTHORIZATION: I authorize CHS and my school to share all pertinent information that may relate to my housing. Such information may include, but not be limited to; account balances and discipline records, financial aid approval and disbursement, attendance records, contact information, etc. Applicant and Guarantor authorize CHS to process credit and criminal background checks, and verification of employment on myself and my guarantor, for the disposition of this application and future services with CHS.
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