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Universal Technical Institute, PA

The CHS Apartment Referral Housing Program

Apartment Locator Program
Want to live alone or with friends and manage the rent, utilities and furniture on your own? The CHS Apartment Locator Program might be your answer.

We maintain a list of pre-screened apartment communities near your campus. In most cases, we've worked out favorable rental rates for students leasing apartments through CHS. The program allows you to rent your own place from the apartment community and be responsible for your own roommates, shared rent payment, furniture and utilities. Sometimes, we even provide move-in rebates!

Student Benefits
Students are provided information on pre-screened properties that make the CHS “Preferred Housing List” for your school.
Professional advice is available from the CHS Housing Representative located inside the college, or from Housing Consultants in our CHS Processing Center. Students are invited to be a part of all CHS Student Life Activities.




$800.00  to  $1000.00


$900.00  to  $1200.00


$1500.00  to  $1900.00

Apartment Locator Program
Monthly pricing is based on an entire apartment without roommates. Leases are generally 12 month minimum. Furniture and Utilities are your responsibility along with additional Application Fees and Deposits. Students rent directly from the apartment community and must meet their standards for Income, Credit and Background Screening. Complete the CHS Independent Student Application online at and allow your Housing Director to assist you in finding your new home.

APPLICATIONS: When you submit your application to CHS we will run a Criminal Background Search and a Credit Report so that we can assist you in selecting properties that are a good match for your needs and qualifications. Each student is responsible for an application fee with the apartment community they choose. Application Fees will vary per property and are typically non refundable. Housing applications must be made in advance to any apartment community in order to lock in your apartment. Apartments are subject to availability and are leased on a first come first served basis.
SECURITY DEPOSIT: Security Deposits are typically equal to one month’s rent. Please contact your Director of Housing or a CHS Housing Consultant at 1-800-U-MOVE-IN (866-8346) for assistance.
UTILITIES: Above Rate estimates do not include utilities. Utility companies typically charge additional deposits
FURNITURE DEPOSIT: If you rent furniture the rental company will charge a deposit equal to one month’s furniture rent.
MOVE-IN COSTS: Expect to pay a minimum of the first month’s rent at move-in.