I have been in the Collegiate Housing Services program for five months. Without the program, I wouldn’t have been able to pursue my (schooling) career in Phoenix, Arizona.
Vanessa B.
CHS Student Resident
Phoenix, Ariz.
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The properties listed below are currently being utilized in the CHS Referral Housing Program. Please understand that apartment communities can change throughout the year.

Clicking on the map pins reveal additional property information. You can get directions from each property to your campus by clicking on the address in the table below.

• DeVry University (4000 Millenia Boulevard, Orlando, FL)
1PP-MLGet More InfoOrlando, FLPreferred 1BR, 2BR$799 - $1119
2PP-BCGet More InfoOrlando, FLPreferred 2BR$799 - $949
3PP-SPGet More InfoOrlando, FLPreferred 1BR$699 - $749
4PP-CWGet More InfoOrlando, FLPreferred 1BR, 2BR$800 - $900
5PP-WWSGet More InfoOrlando, FLPreferred 2BR$1499
6PP-PCGet More InfoOrlando, FLPreferred 1BR, 2BR, 3BR$681 - $1366
7PP-PBPGet More InfoOrlando, FLPreferred Studio, 1BR, 2BR, 3BR$555 - $1075
8PP-CVIGet More InfoOrlando, FLPreferred 1BR, 2BR$399 - $759
9PP-CLVGet More InfoOrlando, FLPreferred 1BR, 2BR, 3BR$769 - $1294
10PP-LPAGet More InfoOrlando, FLPreferred 1BR, 2BR, 3BR$801 - $1218
11PP-RAGet More InfoOrlando, FLPreferred Studio, 1BR, 2BR, 3BR$629 - $829
12RP-LJGet More InfoOrlando, FLReferral 1BR, 2BR, 3BR$545 - $836
13RP-MWGet More InfoOrlando, FLReferral Studio, 1BR, 2BR, 3BR$457 - $700
14RP-GVPGet More InfoOrlando, FLReferral 1BR, 2BR, 3BR$520 - $800
15RP-APGet More InfoOrlando, FLReferral 1BR, 2BR, 3BR$570 - $843
16RP-TOAGet More InfoOrlando, FLReferral 1BR, 2BR, 3BR$652 - $1093
17RP-PHCGet More InfoOrlando, FLReferral 1BR, 2BR, 3BR$854 - $1140
18RP-CHCGet More InfoOrlando, FLReferral 1BR, 2BR, 3BR$717 - $1274
19RP-SAGet More InfoOrlando, FLReferral 1BR, 2BR$679 - $919
Find out the differences between Budget, Basic, Moderate, and Premium on the Pricing Page.